Baking cakes for Haiti – children’s response to help earthquake victims

Children are wonderful!

When they heard about the earthquake in Haiti, young Joseph and Anna decided they wanted to do something to help. So they spent a whole Saturday baking and icing cakes and sold them after Sunday mass at their parish of Christ the King in Thornaby and raised nearly £50! Mum and Dad helped a little too!

The suffering of the Haitian people has touched the hearts of lots of children in our schools around the Middlesbrough Diocese and they have been so inventive and generous in their efforts to raise funds to help with the response to the disaster that CAFOD and other aid agencies are making. It has been amazing to witness the results of their fundraising that have been arriving in the CAFOD Middlesbrough office since the disaster struck. There has been over £120,000 donated from people in our school and parish communities as well as individual donations to date and the money is still coming in. It will be needed for a long time too. Estimates are that it will take two generations for the people of Haiti to recover from the effects of this disaster. Please remember them and all who are helping with the aid efforts in your prayers this Easter time.

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