St Mary’s RC Primary, Market Weighton Give it up! for Lent

Some of the pupils showing the work they produced to raise funds for CAFOD during Lent

During Lent St Mary’s RC Primary School Market Weighton decided to use the small CAFOD collection boxes for their ‘give it up’ Lenten theme of Change for Change.


Headteacher, Mrs Angela Kelly and Yr 5 & 6 CAFOD group talked to pupils in each class and at the weekly Parent’s Jubilee Assemblies to ask if parents and extended families would support their collection of small change for small tasks done and giving up small treats in order to change other people’s lives.  Each child in the school took home a CAFOD box and asked parents if they could do little jobs to earn small change. The group of about 6 pupils meet voluntarily each week with school’s volunteer Mrs M R Stokoe and learn through the excellent CAFOD publications and information about children’s lives in other countries and how fortunate they are in comparison. They then pass on that information to other pupils making a whole school effort.  When the boxes were returned before the Easter break the group counted out the wonderful sum of £284.05 – all in small change! This money was sent off to CAFOD and they received a great Thank You letter to recognise their efforts in providing more children and families with the things they need to have a better life.

Megan explained, “ Everyone in the school was given a box to take home to collect spare change. We also did assemblies to remind people to keep going through Lent. People who came to my house put their small change in the box or I got my money by doing jobs. I would like to think my money will go to change a person’s life.”

Elizabeth said, “…..We put our small change in the box which will make people in other countries smile. I would like my money to help a child go to school and provide food and clean water for a family.”

Katherine wrote,  “ My fabulous head teacher put together wonderful assemblies through Lent ….. I would like my CAFOD money to provide food and shelter for children. Putting the small change in the box made my face light up with a smile.”

We have found several times before in school and parish CAFOD collections that asking people for their small change only, has been extremely successful.  People are not threatened about donating loose change and fairly large amounts can be collected very quickly. Even the very young children can see that their small amounts are important.

Well done to all those at St Mary’s who worked so hard in raising £284.05p through their Lenten effort

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