The Robin Hood tax – to fund the fight against poverty and climate change

Join our campaign for a new global tax that will create huge change for the world’s poor. Just a tiny tax on bankers will raise billions to tackle poverty and climate change. We are only asking for 0.05 per cent traded by banks – 50p for every £1,000. And yet this could raise around $400 billion per year to help fight poverty and help developing countries combat climate change.

We are also calling for governments in favour of these taxes to implement a tax on trade in currencies now, to show it can be done, and to raise much-needed cash. A Robin Hood Tax will also ensure banks pay their share of the costs of the global crisis they helped to generate and also discourage risky and short-term speculation. The financial sector urgently needs reforming and this will help.

CAFOD Director Chris Bain says: “It would be morally bankrupt to miss this opportunity. At a time when the financial crisis has pushed developing countries further back in their fight against poverty, we need financial markets that work for development and not against. A Robin Hood Tax is an important and symbolic step in the right direction.”

To join in our campaign click here:

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