The Sacristy hunger lunch at St Clare’s!

Taking the ‘give it up’ message literally, Father John Loughlin, happily gave up his sacristy to accommodate around 40 people who turned up for lunch at St Clare’s RC Church in Middlesbrough, on the last Friday, before Holy Week. The ecumenical group have been meeting weekly during Lent, for a short reflection followed by hunger lunches at various churches in the Brookfield area of Middlesbrough, to raise funds for CAFOD. But when the small meeting room rapidly filled up, Father John transformed his sacristy in to an impromtu dining room, to accommodate all comers!

"The Sacristy Hunger Lunch"Then, in a spirit of generosity and hospitality, he very quickly supplied two tins of his own soup to serve some late comers! He truly led by example, witnessed by David & Carol Cross, CAFOD Middlesbrough, who had been specially invited to collect the accumulated proceeds of £605!

Well done to all concerned and many thanks for all your efforts!

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