CAFOD Middlesbrough Just One World Pilgrimage – 26 June to 2 July 2011

Walking with the Northern Saints

 To mark 50 years since CAFOD was established by the Catholic Bishops of England and Wales, we will begin a year of pilgrimage towards 2012; linking with the Leeds and Hexham and Newcastle pilgrimages to the Holy Island on July 9 2011. As our diocese has a rich heritage of Saints we join with them in faith as we follow in their footsteps.

We would like you to share this pilgrimage with us either by supporting us in prayer or joining with us on the pilgrimage itself. You can join us for an hour, a day or the whole way! If you come along at any point along the way, you will be very welcome!

The pilgrimage will begin with mass at the Benedictine Monastery in Osmotherley village at 10.30am Sunday 26 June:

Stage 1: Lady Chapel, Osmotherley to Hutton Rudby: 10 miles

Monday 27 June

Stage 2: Hutton Rudby to Stokesley: 7 miles

Tuesday 28 June

Stage 3: Stokesley to Cathedral: 8 miles

Wednesday 29 June

Stage 4: Cathedral to Redcar: 15 miles

Thursday 30 June

Stage 5: Redcar to Saltburn: 9 miles

Friday 1 July

Stage 6: Saltburn to Runswick Bay: 10 miles

Saturday 2 July

Stage 7: Runswick Bay to Whitby: 12 miles (this however, is going to be a cliff top and beach walk which will not be suitable for the elderly, push-chairs etc. Sturdy walking shoes are strongly recommended).

There will be a mass to conclude the pilgrimage with Canon John Lumley at Whitby Abbey, this will take place at 2.30pm

For the full itinerary and more details contact CAFOD Middlesbrough office: 01904671767.

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