Day two: and the sun keeps shining!

Day two: Hutton Rudby to Stokesley

The sun was blistering today, as our pilgrims made their way from Hutton Rudby to Stokesley, which took its toll on one of our elderly supporters, who had joined the walkers for the day. Fortunately we were able to meet up with them and convince her to call it a day. At a sprightly 72 years old, she had done very well!

The core group soldiered on, refreshed by lunch sitting under the welcome shade of a tree on the green in Seamer, to be welcomed to afternoon tea in the parish hall, prepared by the hospitable folks at St Joseph’s Church in Stokesley. Following this pleasant interlude I shared with them why the pilgrimage was taking place, thanked them for their support over the years and shared information on CAFOD’s Getting Down to Business Campaign and invited them to join us for the Mass at Whitby Abbey, where Simon Nsabiyezi will speak about his work among the traumatised victims of the Rwandan genocide.

We then went into Church where Father Derek Turnham reflected on how the pilgrimage was about making connections, between the saints of the past and our present day, with the communities overseas and at home, and among the pilgrims and the people they have met along the way. We came to the end of day two by sharing in the evening prayer of the church, which is said by people all around the world – that was another connection – the prayer offered by the universal church!

Then the sun-wearied pilgrims were escorted to their overnight accommodation and  a well earned rest!

You can join with our pilgrims in prayer using the booklet below. Today is stage two and the theme is Solidarity:

Middlesbrough pilgrimage booklet



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