Day five: Marske to Saltburn

Well, it was too good to last – wasn’t it! The pilgrims set out with another wonderful blessing from Fr Brian Nicholson at St Bede’s in Marske to walk along the beach to Saltburn. Just as they were approaching Saltburn the heaven’s opened and they didn’t even have time to get their macs out of their bags! They got soaked through!

Thankfully, their hosts for the night, Mike and Bernie Morrissey, very kindly invited them to have a shower and get changed in their home and then took them on a tour of Saltburn churches. Some of the windows at Our Lady of Lourdes church, came from an old school in Hull where one of the nights hosts was a teacher, when Joan went to school there! They visited the Anglican church which housed a history exhibition and then they went for a strawberry tea in the Methodist church before going back to Our Lady of Lourdes church who  hosted a mass for the pilgrims in the evening.

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