Gentle gender rivalry between York’s Universities ~ cause a flood of support for Thirst for Change!

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A little friendly gender-rivalry between student volunteers with CAFOD Middlesbrough caused a flood of support for CAFOD’s Thirst for Change campaign when they organised card signing events on the University of York St John and York University campuses recently.

The Girls – laid down the gauntlet when Lisa-Alix McBride and Rebecca Ford rallied the support of prospective student presidents,  who happily donned the water droplet costumes and paraded around the university campus at York St John on 29th February to raise awareness and draw in the students to sign the campaign cards, while they also promoted their own election to various societies! They proved to be such a great draw, they had to call for more cards halfway through the event, setting a challenging record with over 400 cards being distributed!

The Boys responded eagerly as Patrick Kinsella and Nick Webster from the University of York, showed they were up for the challenge at their card signing event on 5th March in Vanburgh College – although Patrick wasn’t keen on wearing the water droplet costume, Nick participated wholeheartedly! They distributed around 500 cards to students on the campus but then, it is a much bigger university!

The aim of both events was to send a powerful message to Prime Minister, David Cameron, to use his influence at the G8 summit this year to end water poverty by making concrete political and financial commitments to ensure the water and sanitation MDG is met by 2015: by endorsing the international ‘Sanitation and Water for All’ initiative to turn these promises into a reality; and by prioritising water and sanitation under his G8 Presidency in 2013 to ensure real progress is made.

Congratulations on the sterling efforts to all concerned – over to you Mr Cameron!

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