Launch of the Rio Connection Campaign


The Earth Summit starts in less than a month in Rio, Brazil. This is our chance to ask our elected representatives to take the lead in building a fairer, more sustainable society. The Rio+20 summit On 20-22 June, government representatives from around the world, including Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg, will meet at the ‘Rio+20’ summit in Brazil. They will discuss how the world can develop sustainably and how to bring about a greener, fairer global economy. The summit isn’t about just one issue, it’s a chance for world leaders to debate everything from renewable energy to deforestation, water scarcity to urbanisation – and to come up with plans for a better future. The Rio Connection: our Earth, our future To ensure that our voices are heard, we are working with Stop Climate Chaos, the UK’s largest coalition dedicated to action on climate change.

Together we’re asking MPs to urge the UK government to take a lead in getting governments across the world behind a vision for a global green and fair economy which benefits all. Write to your MP by 22 June Please take our e-action and ask your MP to support the Rio Declaration. We need as many MPs as possible to sign this pledge to ensure that the UK supports a global green and fair economy to enable millions of people to lift themselves out of poverty. Why not join a local event? In the run up to the Summit, local Rio Connection events will be organised across the UK. It’s a perfect opportunity for you to connect with your local community and meet with your MP to talk about these vital issues.

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