The Cost of Peace – Violence or the non-violent Jesus?

Fr John Dear, SJ, an internationally recognized voice for peace and non-violence, is coming to England this summer and will be speaking at Temple Hall, York St John University on Wednesday 5th September at 7:00pm. Suggested donation of £10. For more information contact:


 A Jesuit priest, pastor, peacemaker, retreat leader, and author, he travels the world teaching the active non-violent message of Jesus as epitomised in the lives of Mahatma Gandhi, Martin Luther King, Jr., and Dorothy Day.

He served for years as the director of the Fellowship of Reconciliation, the largest interfaith peace organization in the U.S.  After September 11, 2001, he was a Red Cross coordinator of chaplains at the Family Assistance Centre in New York, and counselled thousands of relatives and rescue workers. John has travelled the war zones of the world, been arrested some 75 times for peace, led Nobel Peace prize winners to Iraq, given thousands of lectures on peace across the U.S., and served as a pastor of several churches in the high desert of New Mexico. In 2008, Archbishop Desmond Tutu, along with others, nominated John Dear for the Nobel Peace Prize.

 John is the author of many books, his latest being Lazarus, Come Forth!  He has published his autobiography, A Persistent Peace, and written and presented his own DVD film, The Narrow Path.  He writes a weekly online column for the National Catholic Reporter at

 Fr John’s visit will be the launch for a series of nationwide initiatives/courses that will be taking place in the future.

 For more information please visit Myddelton Grange web-site:

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