New action to stop Mauá eviction – before 21st August

Following last week’s news about the judiciary ruling upholding the eviction at Mauá, we are asking you once more to support our Brazil campaign to stop the evictions.
The police have now set an eviction date for the Mauá families for Tuesday 21 August. As the next weeks will be crucial, we are asking CAFOD campaigners and supporters to sign a new urgent petition.
 Over 3,600 signatures were collected during July in a petition targeting the Brazilian authorities. We are very grateful for this incredible show of international solidarity and your active support. This has already shown the authorities that there is international support for this case. The petition has strengthened the residents’ campaign and their confidence to continue in their struggle for their rights and decent housing, knowing they are not alone.
 “We need to hold the government to account so they will deliver on their promises,” Osmar Borges from our partner APOIO told us. “CAFOD’s petition and international support is essential to us and will be hugely important in our work to pressure government over the next month and in this electoral period.”
 What you can do
Please support the efforts of APOIO and the people facing eviction, by signing this new petition now directed to the top responsible government figures: the Brazilian President, the São Paulo city Mayor and state governor. Our online action will now be sent directly to key authorities, in Portuguese, urging them to stop the evictions and ensure the families have somewhere safe to live in the long-term.
Please encourage others  to take part in this new action and share our petition  widely by:
     Signing the online email action  click this link to sign the petition!
We are in close communication with our partner APOIO and will keep you updated on any news via CAFOD’s website and our Connect2blog,, where you can also leave messages of solidarity for the women, men, children and youth of Mauá.

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