Montserrat’s non stop visit to Middlesbrough Diocese

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Montserrat Fernandez, who works in CAFOD’s Managua office in Nicaragua fitted lots of activity into her recent visit to our diocese. She arrived late on Friday morning and went straight to Trinity Catholic College. Following a very welcome lunch, she gave presentations to two groups of sixth form students about her work with CAFOD partners on HIV and Aids in Central America and Mexico.

On Saturday morning she shared her personal story, of how she came to be where she is now with local CAFOD supporters at St Francis Church Hall in Acklam, during a workshop entitled ‘Exploring Spirituality and Justice’. She was warmly welcomed by parish priest, Fr Peter Keeling who was nursing a broken ankle and unfortunately couldn’t join us but the select group who did, thoroughly enjoyed sharing with Montserrat.

All work and no play, as the saying goes, would never do and as it was such a lovely day, if a bit chilly, we whisked her out to sample some of the beautiful scenery surrounding industrial Teesside with a quick visit to Clay Bank during the afternoon.

On Saturday evening she spoke at the 5.30pm Mass at St Therese of Lisieux School, Ingleby Barwick, and at 7.00pm Mass at Ss Mary & Romuald Church in Yarm where she thanked people for their generous support of CAFOD.

On Sunday morning she spoke at both churches again at the 9.30am and 11:00am masses and managed to fit in a quick cup of coffee and grab a snack before catching the 1:02pm train to London. Phew! Hopefully she was able to catch forty winks on the train journey!

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