“It’s time to bring hunger to an end”, says Becky, as she leads the way!

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Will and Becky

Will and Becky

I am currently in the middle of writing my dissertation but was keen to still promote CAFOD’s latest campaign ‘hungry for change’ at my University. So, the idea I came up with that would enable me to do both was to campaign for an hour every lunch time for a week.
The CAFOD campaigns team arranged for me to have the fish and bread costumes for the week and it was so exciting when they arrived the Friday before. I did feel sorry for the girls I live with, my campaign stuff is starting to take over the house now, what with bags of posters, boxes of campaign cards, inflatable fair-trade bananas and now the massive fish and bread costumes!!
On the Monday morning I was quite nervous walking to the students Union carrying the costumes but once I got to there and started campaigning with Dan (Vice president at the SU) those nerves soon disappeared. When I do these campaigns I am always surprised by how interested most people are and each time do them I feel more confident at responding to those that aren’t.
By the Wednesday I was starting to feel at home in the costume and apparently that showed. I was walking to the library and someone asked me why I wasn’t wearing a fish costume, as if it was more unusual to see me in ordinary clothes!
On the Thursday, the day of the IF campaign launch, Will and I were featured in the York press http://www.yorkpress.co.uk/news/10182138.Students_campaign_against_global_hunger/
That lunch time Will and I got a break from the costumes and Adam and Dan wore them and we just went around with them in our normal clothes. This time we went around the staff departments and the staff got involved. They all seemed really interested and gave up their time to listen to us, the marketing team even tweeted a photograph of us on the universities twitter account.
As well as asking people to complete campaign cards we had been asking them to write a message on a fish. So, on the Friday we made a display in the Student Union’s conservatory window with all the fishes we had collected over the week. The messages from staff and students spoke of the injustice of world hunger and called upon David Cameron to bring up this issue at the G8 next year.
I’m so appreciative of all the help I had that week, particularly from my friend Will, the entertainments officer at York St John Students Union. The sabbatical officers, Adam, Kev and Dan also all got involved and wore the costumes at some point. I would particularly like to thank Ryan the communications coordinator at the Students Union who has been so supportive and promoted my campaigning via the Student Union’s social networking sites such as Facebook and twitter.
By the end of the week we had collected 150 signed campaign cards, which was a good result considering that the new term had not officially started yet, so not all the students were back. However, to me it wasn’t just about how many signed cards I got in my hand, it was more about raising awareness that world hunger is still a big issue and educating people about how they can do something about it.
I would like to finish by quoting Bill Nighy’s speech at the IF campaign launch “Hunger is a complex issue with multiple causes, but complex doesn’t mean unachievable. Space travel is complex… “
“It is time someone – not someone else but us, all of us – should see these calamities to their end.”
Rebecca Ford

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