CAFOD’s MP Reception


Recently CAFOD held an MP’s reception where MP’s and CAFOD’s MP Correspondents could meet together to discuss the importance of lobbying our MP’s, in the chambers of the speaker of the House of Commons

The following is a short report from Matthew Cross:

Having been an MP correspondent on behalf of CAFOD for just over 1 year now, I was offered the opportunity to attend the MP correspondent reception in the Chamber of the speaker of the House of Commons with over 50 others. I found the experience to be a little overwhelming initially. We attended a service in Westminster cathedral presided over by Bishop John Arnold. The Mass was a very reverent event held in a beautifully ornate chapel within the halls of Westminster and was attended by many cross party MPs and Peers.
Although I was a little overcome by the grandeur and historical importance of the surroundings. What most stood out for me during the service was the content of the Gospel and how it related so well to what the day was about. The Gospel story focussed the chief priests and elders, who made a spectacle of their reverence and charity before the people in the places of worship, yet practise little humility in their lives. It made an impression upon me, and made me think of the real purpose of what CAFOD does. It made me question my own motives are. I also considered the importance of the roles of those in positions of power and influence like our MPs and Piers, their ability to effect change and whether they expressed the same level of humility and charity in the choices they make daily.
It was great to hear stories from more experienced correspondents who had done and achieved much after volunteering their time and resources for many years. Many who attended spoke passionately about the positive effects they felt by playing their part to help bring about change in the world. It was fantastic to share that experience and to have the reassurance that others are as passionate as I think I am about justice and change. In a world which becomes more materialistic and seemingly more secular by the day, it is heartening and encouraging to know that there are people who still hold a strong faith and who use it daily to help others, and organisations like CAFOD who embrace, encourage and enable them to do so. I am proud to be a part of that and I would like to thank CAFOD for the opportunity.

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