Less than two weeks until WYD

Now that exams are over I finally have some time to get plans for WYD into order. It is now less than a month before we set off and thinks have rapidly got very exciting. Firstly we now have information on all the partners we will be working with.


We will be working with three organizations:

CESEEP, pronounced SEZEPI, is the Ecumenical Centre for Mission and Popular Education. It runs training courses for religious and lay workers to deepen their understanding of social, political, economic issues and increase their commitment and capacity to work effectively for social justice.

MDF is the Movement for the Defence of People living in Favelas. MDF has community groups in about 40 favelas in the south east of São Paulo city. There, it provides legal education and support to help families obtain land titles and improved housing. It also leads campaigns to lobby the city government for greater investment in basic services: housing, electricity, clean water, sanitation and childcare centres.

APOIO is the Association for Mutual Support. It provides legal and organisational support to homeless people and families living in favelas and tenement blocks. Part of its strategy is to provide legal assistance to homeless families occupying abandoned buildings, as a way of putting pressure on the city government to find a more definitive solution to their housing needs.

We also have received vast swathes of information from schedules to what to pack to security information. It is all quickly getting very real and very exciting. The 7 months since I found out I was going to Brazil have flown by and I don’t think I’m ready (and probably never will be). Now I’m buying sun cream and reals and should really be far more prepared than I currently am. I have also gained a role on the communications team for the Conference of Bishops for England and Wales and am involved in getting the hype up for WYD. This is definitely a new experience as I’ve gone from a Twitter Luddite to tweeting every half an hour (far too much stress). Image

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