Sharing in the harvest and helping others – all year round!

The colourful harvest table

The colourful harvest table

Parishioners from St Leonard and St Mary’s in Malton, North Yorkshire shared their wonderful harvest and raised £158.00 for CAFOD’s Connect2 El Salvador programme. Mrs Stephanie Winter sent in this photograph of the colourful harvest table and baked goods that were snapped up by eager parishioners.


The parish have been linked to a community in Puentecitos since October 2010 and hold regular parish activities where they share news from the community with parishioners as well as sending news updates and photographs to the people in Puentecitos.

The parish regularly hold liturgies and during a Creation Service in the spring they even translated some of the liturgy into Spanish!

“Durante nuestra servicio de la Primavera, utilizamos simbolos de la cratcion (tierra, velas, aqua, plantas) y, en nuestras oraciones, nos acordamos de nuestros amigos en Puentecitos:

Querido Senor,

Puedan sus suelos producer abundante cosecha.

Puedan ellos sentir el rayo de tu amor en todo lo que hacen.

Puedan la llavia darles vida y salud a todos ellos.

Puedan sus cultivos florecer y su felicidad multiplicarse”.

“During our Spring service, we used creation symbols (soil, candles, water, plants) and we prayed for our friends in Puentecitos:
Dear Lord,
May their land produce abundant harvests;
May they feel the warmth of your love in all they do;
May the rain bring them life and good health;
May their plants flourish and their joy be multiplied.”

The young people of the parish get involved in the activities too. This year, the confirmation group helped out by organising a cake and coffee morning and raising £192.00 in the process!

They truly know how to ‘act locally and think globally’! Keep up the good work!

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