Luke’s Gonna Go Like Mo for CAFOD!

Luke Moore, ready to race against poverty

Luke Moore, ready to race against poverty

Luke Moore has been volunteering in the Middlesbrough diocesan office for the last five or six weeks. He’s a great help around the place, from doing some data input to generally tidying up our resources cupboards. But now Luke is going the extra, extra mile and running for CAFOD in the Scarbrough 10k on Sunday. He wrote this blog for us on why, for his first run, he’s choosen to run in solidarity with people who are living in poverty.

This weekend I will be taking part in my first road race for Team CAFOD, the Yorkshire coast 10k in Scarborough. The course itself is a highly picturesque seaside route set in one of England’s most loved seaside towns. For those of you who know Scarborough the race starts at the Spa in the South Bay and heads towards Scalby Mills on the far end of the North Bay before turning back to end at the Spa.
The idea of running a 10km race is one which I have had for numerous years after seeing my friends compete in the York 10K, raising money for many different charities. As I have just started volunteering with CAFOD this seemed like the perfect time for me to do my first race. During the course of my training I have improved my fitness and made vast improvements in my running times. Below I have listed the targets that I will be trying to achieve on race day:
Realistic Target: 40:00.00
Ambitious Target: 27:30.42 (Mo Farah’s gold medal winning time)

Aside from the fun of trying to meet targets and running on the seaside, there is also a serious side to this venture as I am helping CAFOD in their vital work of transforming lives and ending global injustices. CAFOD does tremendous work in more than 40 countries in order to transform the lives of those blighted by poverty. To give two examples of the good work CAFOD does; Halima in Nigeria used to have to walk miles during the dry season to find water but now has a rainwater catchment tank which means she has water throughout the year, and Laxmi in Bangladesh was, with CAFOD’s help, able to start her own business meaning she can now send her daughter to school. However more needs to be done and it remains a scandal that millions of people go to bed hungry, have no easy access to safe drinking water and grow up without the opportunity to go to school. My fundraising means that I am literally as the back of my vest says “racing against poverty”.

So far I have raised around £100 (mainly through donations from parishioners at Our Lady’s Church, Acomb). That is enough to fund 4 emergency shelter kits for families made homeless after an earthquake or 33 schools kits for children in Mozambique or 74 plates of food for malnourished children in El Salvador. Thank you to all who have donated so far. If you wish to donate to my fundraising effort this can done online through:

As for the future I hope to take part in many more fundraising races for CAFOD. Next year I plan to follow in the footsteps of my volunteer manager, John McBride, and take part in the Great North Run (unlike John however I intend to keep my trainers on through the whole race). Also after watching the runners in this year Yorkshire marathon, including 4 team CAFOD members, I have set a long term target of completing a marathon in the next few years.


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