Meet Sarah! Our new Communications Officer

blog photoHiya! I’m Sarah and I’ll be volunteering as the new communications officer for CAFOD in the Middlesbrough Diocese. I’m  a Master’s student at the University of York and -when I’m not drinking too much tea and being chased by the campus’s angry geese- I’m researching the history of public health because I believe that  understanding, critiquing and celebrating past development programmes helps us to build on them and improve future ones.

My role here at CAFOD is to publicise your hard work as supporters of the charity in the Middlesbrough diocese. To do so I will be working closely with the local media (newspapers, radio and television) to make sure local volunteering, fundraising and campaigning is supported and celebrated.

Please contact me at so that we can spread the word about the wonderful work being done in our diocese, making a difference to the lives of our sisters and brothers across the world!

5 thoughts on “Meet Sarah! Our new Communications Officer

  1. Hi Sarah, all the best in your new role with CAFOD! I’ve just taken on the social media side of things for the Northampton diocese. There’s a lot happening down here and I’m sure you’ll be kept just as busy up there! Keep up the good work, Rob

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