Do you want to change the World? – You Can!


Some of our young CAFOD volunteers pictured with Bp Terry, members of the Carmelite community and Carol Cross CAFOD’s Diocesan officer

CAFOD NEEDS YOU!Our Christian Faith constantly challenges us to make our world a better place for all peoples but especially those who live in poverty day in, day out.

We often ask ourselves the question “What can I do?”

If you live in the Diocese of Middlesbrough, you can help to change the world by offering some of your spare time to help our Catholic sisters and brothers here in our diocese to become aware of, how through their support, people in developing countries are improving their own lives.

We are looking for people who are interested in volunteering with CAFOD in one or more of the following areas:

  • Education (visiting schools and colleges in our diocese – full training is given)
  • Parish Volunteer (Fast Day and Emergencies and become part of Caritas in our diocese)
  • Establish a CAFOD/Caritas group in your parish
  • Campaigns multipliers (seeking to involve the parish community in our campaigns)
  • Media (volunteer media contacts)
  • Youth work
  • Fundraising for CAFOD
  • Speaking at Mass
  • In our office

We can promise full training so that you can confidently undertake your voluntary role with us.

  • Whatever your skill set there is something you can give no matter how little time you may have available.  By becoming a volunteer with CAFOD you will play your part in changing our world for the better.
  • You will also benefit by gaining new skills, meeting new people, learning about the difference that CAFOD’s work is making around the world . What’s more you will be putting your faith into practice.

To find out more contact us:    or tel: 01904 671767


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