Young people organise music and drama evening for Harvest fast day

A groCAFOD Event 3up of young people from English Martyrs and St Hilda’s Parish held an evening of drama and music to raise awareness of the work of CAFOD as part of our Family Fast Day activities.

Having met only twice for rehearsals, they rose to the occasion, telling the story of a young girl who had been given £50.00 from her Grandad’s small lottery win.

After being shown stories of children’s suffering in developing countries, she decided to donate all her money to help them. The young people told of the amount of food we waste in this country and of the problems families in poorer countries faced in feeding their children and themselves.

All the children came together to hold up CAFOD posters showing how even small amounts of donated money can help families in many different ways.

The children were thanked by Father Pat for showing us all how lucky we are and how we can help to support those much poorer than ourselves. They were delighted when the congregation of 60 parishioners donated over £250.00.

We would like to thank them for giving their time and the enthusiasm they showed for the project. We would also like to thank the parishioners for their generosity.

Liz Atkinson, Parishioner

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