St Peter’s Harvest bake off


Pupils with some of their tasty treats !

Staff and pupils at St Peter’s RC College in South Bank enjoyed a suspended timetable to take part in a number of activities to raise funds for CAFOD’s Harvest fast day.

Students are entered a bake off competition, selling home-baked goods from the following categories; Desserts, savouries, snacks which were then sold to their peers who had to leave an evaluation of the goods they ate.

The winning baker from each category will won a prize. A Year 7 settling in event after school was taking place so Year 7 students sold baked goods to their parents.

The Bake off raised £150 and winning bakers were Aimee (custard creams) Toby (Chocolate Brownies) and Shauna and Rachel (Corned Beef Pie).

Different departments were each leading workshops with their groups. In R.E they were considering a world hunger recipe; in the English department they held a speaking and listening session to create a charity campaign.

The Maths department worked on a £1 a day budget plan while in P.E they undertook ‘a walk in their shoes’ that involved the students walking carrying a heavy load. This is to represent hardships experienced by a similar age group in different countries.

In Food technology they were cooking recipes from Sierra Leone while in Geography the young people considered food intake in an MEDC compared with an LEDC. Even the staff in the school kitchens took part and provided a hunger lunch for volunteer students. Amy Glanville, Head of R.E at the school said “they all did well, we were so pleased”.

We think you are all pretty great – well done!

  DSCF1234          DSCF1233







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