Linthorpe church makes a place at the table for the hungry

 Parishioners from a Linthorpe church have raised £861.13 to make a place at their table for the millions of people going hungry around the world.
CAFOD supporters from the Holy Name of Mary Church held a collection and frugal lunch over the weekend of 18-19 October to raise funds for CAFOD’s Harvest Fast Day appeal, which aims to tackle the unfair global food system.
Parishioners from the Holy Name of Mary held a frugal lunch for CAFOD (1)
Parish volunteer Margaret Finn said:
“One-in-eight of all women, men, and children around the world go to bed hungry every night. There is enough food for all but we waste so much each year, weighing more than 200,000 full double-decker buses. The way food is grown and distributed means that some of the world’s poorest people don’t get their fair share.
Parishioner Cath Rowland, who organised the frugal lunch, said:
“It’s always great to see the parish coming together at events. The frugal lunch was a nice opportunity to gather but it also meant that we could act upon our responsibility to ensure that everyone has enough to eat at Harvest.” 
CAFOD’s Harvest Fast Day appeal raised funds to enable CAFOD’s partners to work with communities living in poverty. This money enables projects which tackle the causes of hunger and provide the means or techniques for families to grow their own food.
David Cross, CAFOD manager for Middlesbrough, said:
“This Harvest, CAFOD is asking people to make a place at their table so that everyone has enough to eat. We produce enough food every year, yet 870 million people are going hungry because of food being wasted or a changing climate making it harder to grow food in many countries.
The money raised by the Holy of Name of Mary enables CAFOD to help families in places from Nicaragua in South America to Bangladesh in Asia to produce food and make a living.
We would like to thank the parishioners of the Holy Name for their generosity in standing in solidarity with our sisters and brothers around the world.”

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