Prayer for Peace from Caritas Colombia

Colombian Prayer for Peace

Where there is hate, let us grow love

Where there is fighting, let us grow forgiveness

Where there are lies, let us grow truth

Where there is fear, let us grow faith

Where there is despondency, let us grow hope

Where there is injustice, let us grow solidarity

Where there is sadness, let us grow happiness.

We want always to help others

To understand even if we are not understood

And to love, even when we ourselves are unloved.

Because it is when we give, that we receive more

When we forgive, that we are free and we feel at peace

And when we are at your side, Lord, that we feel happiest.

This prayer was provided by CAFOD’s partner, Caritas Colombia.  Their director, Monsignor Héctor Fabio Henao, writes: “It is hard to turn our eyes on the many problems affecting our country and how our children are affected”.

In response to the violence, the Colombian Catholic Church is promoting a Child Peacemakers’ Movement, which encourages children to be “the seed of peace that germinates in their families and communities”.

Through a process of group reflections, games and educational exercises, the Movement is helping to equip children and young people to play this vital role in building a safer and more peaceful future.

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