Turning yogurt pots into life-saving tools at St Augustine’s Primary School

IMG_1717After watching the video of Zin Thu Thu and her community in Myanmar, creative children from St Augustine’s Primary School in Coulby Newham, Middlesbrough decorated empty yogurt pots and gave them a new purpose for their Lenten activities to support our work. They took the pots and filled them with money they received for carrying out helpful tasks at home. These included tidying their own bedrooms and helping their parents to care for their brothers and sisters. Some also ‘cut out’ favourite snacks and sweets and saved the money to donate, while others even gave up playing on their games consoles for the whole of Lent – which is quite impressive! Head teacher Martin Macaulay, told us “The children got really enthusiastic about fundraising and the younger children really got their parents involved.” They raised an amazing £793.25 in total! Year 2 teacher, Miss Lickess who is pictured with the chaplaincy group said, “Our Chaplaincy Team helped to inspire and encourage their peers by giving examples of how to help at home to raise money. We had lots of happy parents during Lent as their children were very keen to help at home!” Well done to all concerned and to Mrs Whitaker for counting all the coins and banking them!

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