Children send their concerns about climate change to Westminster

Year 4 with their bunting messages

Year 4 with their bunting messages

Year 4 children at St Therésè of Lisieux Primary School in Ingleby Barwick feel so strongly about the changing climate they have made bunting showing their concerns and have written individual letters to Stockton South MP James Wharton which will be given to him at Westminster during the Climate Coalition’s mass lobby of MP’s on Wednesday 17th June.

Among their concerns are the devastation of the rainforests and the destruction of coral reefs as well as the extreme effects of the changing weather such as floods, hurricanes and melting glaciers.

They have invited the MP to come and talk to them in their school to listen to their concerns and to give him some advice about what he can do himself such as turning off lights, taps and television and using a bike instead of a car!

Luke says, “Predictions say that in fifty years time coral reefs, bees, hedgehogs and fish will be gone. But it’s not too late. Make a change. If you listen to me and all the people outside and what they’re saying with the whole people of Great Britain, with you and me we could put great back into Great Britain”.

9 year old Beth said “I feel that if we don’t make a difference now there will be a difference in the future! God only made us one world so protect it, look after it before the world starts breaking”.

Olivia wants to save the rainforests. She says, “People harm the rainforest and I think something needs to happen about it. People cut down trees and animals then don’t have a home”.

Cameron is writing because he feels passionately about pollution. “Many fish are dying of toxic waste that other people are dumping in our beautiful lakes. It’s not too late to change that and make the world a better place. I do hope you do something about pollution”.

Charlotte, with great wisdom says, “As a 9 year old child I cannot help but worry about the future of myself and many others my age.” She continues, “To help you look closer into this devastating situation me and others in my class have designed a piece of bunting about climate change. So do you love your power more than your children? I hope not! I would love for you to come to my class to discuss this issue”.

Class teacher Mrs Nixon said, “When the children were discussing the changing climate they were very concerned about their own children’s future’. They would love it if their MP would visit the school so they can discuss their concerns with him.”

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