SS Mary and Joseph Pocklington swing their partners in aid of Puentecitos

Pocklington C2 ceilidh

On 26th June at Pocklington Junior School hall Pocklington’s CAFOD group held a fund-raising ceilidh in order to raise money for CAFOD’ s Connect 2 project in El Salvador.   Despite the humid June weather, parishioners of SS Mary and Joseph galloped, swung their partners and stripped the willow accompanied by Sheffield’s excellent Bash Street Band who kindly waived their fee for such a good cause.

The evening started at 7 pm and continued until 11pm. In that time each lively tune was choreographed by Joyce, the Bash Street Band’s excellent caller. She sorted out the galloping from the promenading, and the dipping and diving from the stripping the willow. She did her job so well that everybody was able to participate and each dance, if not executed perfectly, certainly went with a swing!

Pocklington C2 ceilidh2In between dances the band continued to entertain by playing infectious jigs and toe-tapping reels. They played traditional dance music which was mostly Celtic in style. The four man band consisted of two guitarists, a fiddle player and a flautist. Everybody was astounded by their skill and enthusiasm.

Thanks to Denise, Philippa and Margaret, much needed refreshment was provided throughout the night with the sale of beer, wine, soft drinks and snacks. A raffle was organised by Graham and Roberta with glittering Fairtrade prizes. Everybody agreed it was a most enjoyable evening and well worth doing again. The evening raised £180 for CAFOD’s Connect2 project.

Pocklington C2 ceilidh3Philippa Bosworth and Catherine Greenaway

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