St Peter’s pupils rise to CAFOD challenge

DSC00773Young people from St Peter’s Catholic College undertook various challenge activities to raise funds for CAFOD before the Easter holidays. For one week they looked in depth at various issues that impact on global poverty.

Amy Glanville, Head of RE shared  what the young people had been learning:”During Holy Week, we ran a Global Learning project. On Monday, we looked at compassionate Farming. On Tuesday, we explored the importance of Fair Trade. On Wednesday we had workshops to address one of the following objectives:

  1. Knowledge of developing countries, their economies, histories and human geography
  2. Knowledge of the basic elements of globalisation
  3. Knowledge of the different ways to achieve global poverty reduction and development and the arguments around the merits of these different approaches.
  4. Knowledge and understanding of the concepts of interdependence and sustainability
  5. Supporting enquiry and critical thinking about development and development issues.

On Thursday we started with a service and had challenge events, similar to the Generation Game but each game was linked to a global theme”.

It certainly looks as though the young people engaged in the activities with enthusiasm. Well done everyone and thanks for your support!


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