St Augustine’s welcome the Lampedusa Cross



Year 8 pupils with the Cross

The Lampedusa Cross was welcomed into St Augustine’s School, Scarborough for a week during its stay in the town in November.
Assemblies were held every day and pupils and staff heard the story of the Cross, prayed for the refugees who perished or survived the journey to Lampedusa and for all those who are still struggling to find safe refuge around the world.

Messages of Hope from the school community will be sent to CAFOD for refugees. One pupil said, “It was very moving to touch the cross and to realise what it stands for. It really made us think.”

Mrs Rutter, Chaplaincy Coordinator at the school said, “Thank you so much for offering us such a powerful and moving experience. The Lampedusa Cross and it’s story has really meant something to all of the pupils and staff who had the opportunity to connect with it and consider the plight of so many people in our world.” Next month the Lampedusa Cross will be going to Hull.


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