Fishy Fundraiser at Thornaby School

A Thornaby school held a fish-themed fundraiser and even wrote their own song to raise money for the aid agency CAFOD’s Lent appeal.


St Patrick’s primary school decorated fish in the playground

St Patrick’s primary school held the fundraiser on Friday March 10 for all pupils and staff.

All proceeds from the event went to CAFOD’s Lent Fast Day appeal, which this year is focused on the story of a Zambian woman called Florence and the theme of ‘turning little fish into big fish’.

With the help of songwriter Joe Hammill, the schoolchildren composed and performed a song called ‘Child of God’ to reflect on what they were raising money for.


Musician Joe Hammill helped the children compose a song

Pupils were also invited to bring in a silver coin to decorate fish marked on the playground floor, raising £238 for CAFOD.

Many more activities took place during the day, including writing letters of support to people in Zambia and prayers of reflection. Staff and children were also invited to wear a splash of blue for the day.

Deputy head teacher James Conwell said: “We always look forward to our CAFOD fundraising days during Lent – it makes our giving real and helps the children think about real people that need our prayers.

“Seeing our silver fish grow in the playground also made it fun!”

Follow the link for CAFOD’s top ten fundraising tips!

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