CAFOD announces new gap year openings

CAFOD has just announced a new placement in their gap year programme in the South East and is welcoming applications from around the country.

Step into the gap

Could you spend a gap year with CAFOD?

Step into the Gap is an opportunity to volunteer in the UK, gain experience, develop leadership skills and visit an international CAFOD partner.

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The scheme, which is open to 18-30-year-olds, gives participants the opportunity to live and work in a UK placement for an academic year whilst learning more about faith and social justice whilst inspiring others to make a difference.

step into the gap (2)

This year’s CAFOD gappers

Many people who complete the gap year go on to continue to be involved with CAFOD. Bea Findley, who now lives in Nottingham, travelled to Peru during her gap year and volunteered at The Briars.

She said: “My gap year with CAFOD has rooted my faith and understanding of the Church.

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“It has given me direction for the future and opened me to global issues. I have learnt the importance of being a global citizen and that that means having initiative and being part of the solution.”

Bea got a job with CAFOD shortly after finishing her gap year. She now works in the Nottingham office and this year spoke on stage at Flame 2017, the Catholic youth event held at Wembley Arena.

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Jason Sheehan who is also from Nottingham travelled to Zimbabwe during his gap year. He continues to volunteer and has recently returned from a CAFOD trip to a sustainability camp in Portugal. He said:

“When I took a ‘Step into the Gap’, it wasn’t a step but more like a leap into the unknown. What has come from that is inspiration and motivation to make a difference.”





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