Comms tip – why should I support CAFOD?

Regular Mass going Catholics in England and Wales have heard of CAFOD and would consider supporting us, but currently don’t. If we can secure their support, we can reach out to the families around the world that we have to turn away at the moment. These seven points have been tested in research groups and can be used as a call to action in communications:

1. “Your support will help people who are truly out-of-reach.” We are part of a global Church network with a local presence in 165 countries and territories. Together we make up one of the largest aid networks in the world. Whether it’s a local priest, a local midwife, a nun or a local water engineer – our help is rooted in the lived experience of communities.

2. “Your support will reach the most vulnerable people around the world.” You will help people who are refugees, people who live in locations that are hard to reach, people who live in war zones, and people that are discriminated against.

3. “Your donation won’t discriminate.” Your gift will be truly catholic – helping anyone regardless of faith, gender and ethnicity.

4. “Your kindness will be felt for generations.” We are there in an emergency. But once the cameras have left, we will still be there, helping families to rebuild their lives without damaging the environment.

5. “You will be helping people who urgently need help as soon as possible.” We have global reach because we work through local experts. They know what people need in the most out-of-reach, marginalised communities. This means your donation helps the most people quickly.

6. “Your donation doesn’t go to governments.” We work through our worldwide Church networks and local experts. No money goes to governments.

7. “Your gift is a way of living out your faith.” Like you, CAFOD believes that if one of us is hurt, hungry or abandoned, we all are hurt, hungry and abandoned. No one should be beyond the love and support they need to live a dignified life.

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