It’s our 10th anniversary!

Can you believe ten years have passed since our very first blog was posted – where does the time go?

Dierdre, Richard and Mick from St Aelred’s, York

Our first one was about the Middlesbrough 10k run, where we had 3 runners from St Aelred’s parish in York, who were raising funds for CAFOD. I wonder where they are now?

So much has taken place and there’s been so many changes since 2009, in CAFOD and in the wider world.

Looking back it was good to be reminded of so many events and people who have passed through our doors and lives, some who still keep in touch with us and others who have gone on to greater achievements, and also sadly, some who shared the journey but are no longer with us.

We have shared news of so many partner’s and colleagues who visited from overseas, campaign initiatives, our wonderful volunteer’s fundraising activities, school activities, emergencies and so much more!

We have met bishop’s and archbishop’s, Lord Mayor’s and MP’s, crossed bridges and made pilgrimages, attended rallies and joined campaign marches.

Then there were our young communication volunteers, starting with Sarah, who was then a student at York University, next came Liam as a media volunteer, who now works in CAFOD’s national office, and young Jonathan who was our media intern.

I feel very grateful for all that has been and to everyone who has given us the benefit of their time and energy over the years, sorry that I can’t share more memories but if you have a moment to spare, why not take a look yourself? Thanks be to God for all that has been and for all that is to come.

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