Salsa, Arepas and Calima bean stew

Last Friday evening I was invited to St. Mary & St. Joseph’s parish in Pocklington.

It has been a while since my last visit so it was good to see the group of women who have kept CAFOD visible in the parish over the past few years. As well as promoting our Fast Days and Campaigns each year, they had been supporting Connect2: El Salvador for seven years and have raised just under £7,000. to help the communities to develop and become self-sustaining. They did this by serving tea, coffee and cakes after Sunday mass. They shared updates  from  the project on a large notice board in the hall. 

They journeyed with the people of Puentecitos and even welcomed some visitors to Pocklington. They shared fond memories of Fidel and Julia’s visit, especially the time when Fidel visited a local pig farm. He keeps pigs himself but was amazed by the size of the ones he saw here! Over the years, the project gave them many opportunities to engage other parishioners at a social level by organising different cultural events. The project ended in December and the group were ready to take on a new project, so they signed up to Hands On: Columbia our new parish scheme.

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The Season of Creation at Ss. Leonard & Mary’s, Malton

Helen Jenkins, one of CAFOD’s parish volunteers told us about the inspiringreceived_236816900513265
initiatives they took recently which demonstrates how we can act locally and globally towards creating a better world.

“Here at Ss. Leonard and Mary’s our CAFOD group, decided to introduce and explore the Environmental Policy for our Diocese during the season of Creation throughout September. The Policy was given out in Masses during the first weekend of the Season of Creation. After that different objectives from the policy were taken each weekend and highlighted via informative and eye-catching displays which were full of ways in which we can enact the ideals laid out in the policy in our daily lives. Fittingly, the last weekend coincided with our annual harvest table which raised £190 for Connect2ElSalvador, our parish link”.

Who could you do in your parish or what have you done?
Please tell us about it!


Introducing myself

My name is Obinna Emmanuel Nwanyanwu




I am originally from Nigeria but have been in the UK since 1st October 2011.

I studied BSc information communication technology at Teesside University and graduated in May 2016.

I am a support worker working for national care company, I have been with the company since December 2014, and my duties include supporting individuals with severe and mild learning disabilities and behaviours that challenge. I assist them to attend to their day to day activities, doctors and other relevant appointments, make sure their money are being collected from the estate on weekly basis, support with budgeting, shopping and again ensure they maintain close relationships with family and lovely ones.

I joined CAFOD as a volunteer in 2017 and began with distributing campaign fliers in the churches in Middlesbrough around Sacred Heart and St. Joseph parishes, to businesses and people homes in Middlesbrough and in London when I was on visits there. But earlier this year I began to work with the media team and my role now includes: writing press releases, blogging, posting news on social media like Twitter and Facebook and then tracking the analysis.

It’s a great opportunity and influence joining CAFOD, as it exposes people to see the world in a different dimension, to see people’s daily struggle and finding ways to reach out to them with the help and support that people need in different parts of the world.   Volunteering for CAFOD also provides the avenue to work with lovely and great people across the country and beyond, practicing my IT skills, learning new skills and gaining lots of new experiences.