A young boy’s response

Lewis aged 8 yearsSpeaking with a friend recently, she told me her 8 year old grandson, Lewis, had listened to a lady from CAFOD giving the Harvest Fast Day talk at church and was so moved by what she said, that he wrote his own account of it in school the following week, earning himself a house point.

I was impressed by his response and thought I would share it with you. He wrote, “On Saturday I went to church and listened to a lady from CAFOD. She was talking about how unfair it is for people to drink dirty water. 75% of our planet is water but only 3% is fit for humans. Humans need water for cleaning, hygiene, drinking, dishwasher and growing plants.

[People in] some countries in Africa don’t just turn on a tap they have to walk to a well but sometimes the well breaks and they have to walk to the nearest river to get dirty water. CAFOD helps these people by fixing the well. We can help by donating money and doing sponsorship’s. We do this because Jesus says that when we see someone needs, help if we can”!


The Season of Creation at Ss. Leonard & Mary’s, Malton

Helen Jenkins, one of CAFOD’s parish volunteers told us about the inspiringreceived_236816900513265
initiatives they took recently which demonstrates how we can act locally and globally towards creating a better world.

“Here at Ss. Leonard and Mary’s our CAFOD group, decided to introduce and explore the Environmental Policy for our Diocese during the season of Creation throughout September. The Policy was given out in Masses during the first weekend of the Season of Creation. After that different objectives from the policy were taken each weekend and highlighted via informative and eye-catching displays which were full of ways in which we can enact the ideals laid out in the policy in our daily lives. Fittingly, the last weekend coincided with our annual harvest table which raised £190 for Connect2ElSalvador, our parish link”.

Who could you do in your parish or what have you done?
Please tell us about it!


Colombia has been ravaged by over fifty years of armed conflict involving the security forces

After a decades-long armed conflict, Colombia has the world’s second-highest number of Child-victim-of-violence people forced to flee their homes.
CAFOD partners provide practical support and help people who have lost their homes to speak up for their rights.

Peace negotiations between the Colombian Government and the formerly largest guerrilla group, the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC), have been taking place since October 2012. A bilateral ceasefire was announced on 23 June 2016 and in August a final agreement on the peace talks was announced, which was officially signed on 24 November 2016.
In February 2017, formal peace talks started between the guerrilla group, the National Liberation Army (ELN) and the Colombian Government, who reached a temporary bi-lateral ceasefire agreement ahead of Pope Francis’ visit in September 2017.

The Catholic Church plays a key role in Colombia as an advocate for peace and human rights and in the resettlement of uprooted communities. CAFOD’s programme focuses on peace-building, protection of human rights defenders and communities, sustainable livelihoods, work on business and human rights, and gender based violence.