Let there be light – for those without it

IMG_9401CAFOD volunteers and supporters came together at St Anthony & Our Lady of Mercy parish in Hull for a short but thoughtful service highlighting our current campaign, Power to be, on Sunday 26th November. The liturgy focussed on people living without access to electricity around the world.
Every child has the ability to achieve great things but with one in six people still living without electricity, the hopes of millions of the world’s children are all too often a distant dream. Safe, reliable, affordable and renewable energy is a major factor in more children living to their fifth birthday; more children completing primary school education and the increased literacy of 15 – 24 year olds. This can be changed so easily with the right will. Renewable energy can transform lives for children so they don’t have to rely on unpredictable, dangerous and unhealthy energy sources such as candles, paraffin lamps and firewood. Whole communities can benefit from access to electricity: powering schools, health clinics and hospitals, homes and small businesses. You can find out more by visiting our website and sign our petition here


Stockton South MP Talks Climate Change and Renewable Energy

passionate Ingleby Barwick volunteer lobbied Stockton South MP Dr Paul Williams about the importance of providing renewable energy for the world’s poorest communities and tackling climate change concerns.  


Chrstine Renshaw with her local MP, Dr Paul Williams

Christine Renshaw met with Mr Williams at his constituency surgery on Saturday August 23 and spoke on behalf of CAFOD.
After the meeting, the Stockton South MP agreed to write to Theresa May about issues surrounding climate change and renewable energy.

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Join us on our Holy Island pilgrimage

CAFOD supporters and volunteers are invited to join together for the annual Holy Island pilgrimage on Saturday July 1. 

Holy Island

A photo taken at last year’s pilgrimage by David Cross

The pilgrimage is set to start at 1pm and for anyone not walking across the causeway, there will be a liturgy at St Aidan’s RC Church at 1.30pm.

A Mass of Thanksgiving will be held at 4pm in the Priory Church, celebrated by Father Chris Hughes

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