A Surprising visit to St. Wilfrid’s Primary School

There are times when I am pleasantly surprised by the unexpected, as I was when I read this email from Dan, a teacher at St Wilfrid’s Primary School, York.


Dan and some of the children

‘I attended an RE course led by CAFOD in York back in the summer about the Universal Church. I was inspired by the story of Oscar Romero and my class were too when I took it back to them.

As part of an end of term project, the children picked a country that was in the football World Cup and created an information poster for each team. They were so good that we decided to display them in our playground, alongside food and music from each country. Parents were invited and the children made up a ’round the world’ quiz, with answers to the questions on the posters.

We raised nearly £200 at the event, and the children were adamant they wanted the money to go to people in El Salvador, after they had studied the country through their work on Romero.
We have a cheque waiting for CAFOD at school. I was wondering if you would be interested in coming to York and we could present it to you.’ Many thanks, Dan Jones.

I took Dan up on his offer and visited St Wilfrid’s last week – I got another surprise as KS2 were practising their Christmas songs with their head teacher Mrs Conway and I got to listen to them singing, they sounded beautiful!
Then I learned they had recently held a toy sale in school and presented me with a cheque for £400 for CAFOD.

St Wilfrid1I was overwhelmed by their generosity and thoughtfulness and thanked them on behalf of the people who would benefit from their kindness.

I would like to thank all our diocesan schools for the support they give to CAFOD throughout the school year.

I am aware of many calls on their generosity from other charities and they always try to help when they can and truly demonstrate putting their faith into action and helping others as a result, it is very inspiring to witness it!

Help us to reach our £5m target

Farming training 2

Farming training for school children

On today’s fast day appeal, we are calling on every individual who wishes to support charity work to help as much as they can to support the good work CAFOD is doing in Zimbabwe, Zambia and Eritrea.


A lot of people need help, they are crying out and calling on us to support them as much as we can. No amount will be too small, what matters is the heart where the gift is coming from. We can’t do it alone without your assistance, that’s why we are calling on every individual who has the zeal, to donate to CAFOD.

Hospital bed

Hospital bed

Please be as generous as you can, make double the difference to our brothers and sisters living in poverty. Throughout Lent, your donations to CAFOD will be doubled  by the UK Government, up to a total of £5m. At the moment our appeal has reached £1.5m, which is brilliant, but we would really like to reach our £5m total target and we need your help to do it. Some of the projects your Family Fast Day donations will be spent on include:



Family support


Thanks very much for your support.

Fishy Fundraiser at Thornaby School

A Thornaby school held a fish-themed fundraiser and even wrote their own song to raise money for the aid agency CAFOD’s Lent appeal.


St Patrick’s primary school decorated fish in the playground

St Patrick’s primary school held the fundraiser on Friday March 10 for all pupils and staff.

All proceeds from the event went to CAFOD’s Lent Fast Day appeal, which this year is focused on the story of a Zambian woman called Florence and the theme of ‘turning little fish into big fish’.

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