Could you volunteer for CAFOD Middlesbrough?

If you care about global poverty, can work with children and young people and are able to travel to schools and parishes in your local area, you may want to think about signing up as a volunteer.
As part of your role, you will be required to deliver a short presentation on an aspect of our work.
You don’t need to be a global expert or a trained teacher and CAFOD offers our volunteers a full training programme, ongoing support and a wide range of exciting materials and resources to get you up and running.
CAFOD representative in Hallam, Jeremy Cain, said: “This is a brilliant opportunity and we are a very friendly bunch at CAFOD!
“All the support you need will be put in place and we have already had a number of volunteers thrive in their roles with us.”
If you would like to find out more, contact Jeremy Cain by calling 07710094454 or emailing

CAFOD Team visits St Augustine’s Primary School

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The CAFOD Middlesbrough team and Lisa McBride, one of our Education volunteers,  were recently welcomed to St Augustine’s Primary School, Coulby Newham by Head Teacher Martin Macaulay, where we helped the children to come to an understanding of the difficulties faced by people overseas, through using interactive games and activities. The children got really involved and recognised the injustice that exists in the world. Showing a highly developed sense of justice, the children demonstrated how they would redistribute the resources of health, wealth, education and food more fairly among all of the  people who live in the world – by taking from those who have more than they need and giving it to those without enough! They could teach some leaders a lesson! The school is very generous to CAFOD and it was a real pleasure to spend time with the staff and children.